Month: July 1996

My Plan?

Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
Matt. 6:10 2nd Thy

I told God that this was what had to be done.
I’d thought it all through, and it looked like fun.
The logic was clear, and could not be faulted.
My plan was now fixed. The door had been bolted.

But something was tickling the back of my mind
and if I kept thinking I knew what I’d find –
The voice of such wisdom that simply knows All,
Quietly saying “You have only to call”.

I put down my plan I had carefully written,
The arrogant certainty thoroughly smitten.
I stretched out my hand to ask of the Lord:
It gave me a feeling of peace and accord.

The struggle within me to carry on still
Was steadily yielding to follow “Thy will”.
The promise came clearly: “When you do as I say,
My Presence will take you each step of the way.”

So I listen to God and do what He says:
The unfolding of Wisdom is all there is.
I’ve learnt this good lesson: Just follow His plan,
Rejoice in the blessing of being His man.