Month: December 2000

Mary and Joseph

Matthew 1:18-25, Luke 1:26-35,46, Luke 2:1-7

My prayers to God renewed each day,
I feel Love-presence as I pray.
He’s blessed me with unfettered trust,
Obedience is a simple must.

I love my Mary very much,
Her beauty transcends every touch;
A grace and purity that shine,
I scarce believe that she is mine.

I love as much as all I can
My Joseph, humble, gentle man:
You give me strength to lean upon,
You light my life like morning sun.

My love, my sweet, is found with child:
In public we’ll both be defiled.
I know that she would ne’er do wrong;
I’ll pray to God for guidance strong.

I feel so blessed to hear God’s voice:
“Mary you’re my faultless choice!”
And Joseph, dear, your trust in me
Is born of God for all to see.

An angel thought confirms our view,
This child is God’s, its life is true.
His name of Jesus will be blest:
In Mary’s womb he will find rest.

To Bethlehem we both must go,
Our journey confident yet slow.
When we arrive there’s no more room,
But God will care despite dark gloom.

We ask our God to guide our way:
We find a barn with soft new hay.
Away from all the bustling crowd
God’s child is born, and we’re so proud!

Oh baby Jesus look at you!
You’re just perfect through and through!
I feel God’s presence, wondrous life,
And feel secure as Joseph’s wife.

O God we tremble with such joy
To so behold this promised boy.
He is Your son, we feel release:
We see in him eternal peace.

My soul doth magnify the Lord.
I hear the angels sing His Word.
The birth of Jesus sets all free:
For God’s our Father! Don’t you see?