Month: October 2001

Guest Speakers

Welcoming a guest
Dear Lord, help us to do our best
And make each welcome as a guest
Notwithstanding race or creed
Help us to meet a brother’s need.

District Governor speaker
We thank Thee Lord for our DG

Festival of Light
We thank Thee Lord that day though night  *****

Bee Keepers’ Association
Dear Lord we thank Thee for the BEE
It is a little treasure,
It brings to life a lot of BUZZ
And fills our lives with pleasure!

Special Meeting – election
Dear Lord please bless this special meeting

Children Homes in Need
Protect Thy children everywhere

Macmillan Nurses
Dear Lord, we turn to Thee in need
Protect us from all harm,
And may Thy touch give healing strength
In which we find true calm……

History of Coventry Rotary
Dear Lord, as life is such a mystery

Dear Lord it really would be tragic,

Visit from friends overseas
We thank Thee Lord for fellowship
It is a lovely thing
It makes us want to laugh and shout
It makes us want to sing!

The Coventry Way (Coventry footpath)
We’re grateful Lord for every day

Charity, giving of cheques
Dear Lord please help us to believe
It’s good to both give and receive

The year has been and gone, – it’s went:
We’ll soon have ‘nother president!

Lifting Hearts.
We thank Thee Lord for all Thou art
And for the gift of Love:
May we, through Thee, lift ev’ry heart
With strength that’s from above?

Visit of the District Governor
(who likes steam trains!)
Keep us oiled and running smooth
Like an engine in its groove,

Youth exchange
Help us to see it is not strange
To offer things in fair exchange.
Emmaus Organisation
Talk about cancer treatment
Japanese exchange students
Mission to Seamen
Father, Father, hear our pleas
Protect Thy children on the seas.
Tho’ storm or tempest rage and blow,
Help each of us to really know,
That whereever we may be,
We are safe when we’re with Thee..

Comic Relief.

Myton Hospice