Month: April 2002

Club Service (extracts)

Club Service
For what we have received
We give Thee thanks
For what we have achieved
We give Thee praise
For what is still to be done

Club assembly
We’re grateful Lord for what we are
A source of help to others
Help us to be a rising star
A beacon to our brothers
May Thy Love imbue our work
So make it to be fine;
And from our duties never shirk

Club Service Meeting
Now Stone Age Man, in seeking grub,
Invented first the handy club!

Club Service: Coventry –Germany Society
We ask Thee Lord in whom we live
Grant us this wisdom, – to forgive:
For what is done is in the past,
Our future’s from the present cast.
Replace with love where there’s been harm

Club Assembly
Father of all Rotary
Bless this Club Assembly
Create in us the will to serve
To focus straight and not to swerve
To do those things that constantly
Say to the world “We’re Rotary!”.

Fellowship (extracts)

We thank you for our fellowship
In friendship serving Thee
We thank Thee for our breakfast,
But note that Friendship’s free!!

Thank you Lord for this meeting
The gift of life and fun

We thank Thee Lord, for what you are,
And everything You be,

We Thank Thee for what matters most:
A selfless friendly club.

For this international meeting
We give thanks to Thee our Lord

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
Jack tripped up and broke his cup
And Jill cracked up with laughter
We’re grateful Lord when times are hard
You’ve given everyone
The priceless thing that heals our ills
The timeless gift of fun!!

We Thank Thee Lord that every grace
Includes each person from each race

It’s good to be with others,
It’s good to celebrate.

We welcome Lord from overseas
Our international friends
And thank Thee for the fellowship

Business Meetings (extracts)

For what we are about to receive
Please make us truly glad
And with our plans help us to “sieve”.
The good from very bad.

Thank you Father for this meeting
Help us run it without bleating,
And teach us too to ask not beg
And give one’s friend the last fried egg.

For what we do receive
Lord help us to believe
That there is plenty more


We thank Thee our dear Father
For everything Thou dost, –
Please guide our business plans today
So they don’t gather rust!

We thank Thee Father from above
That YOU have sown the seeds of Love.
Grant us the courage Lord to share
That all things prosper with due care.
Grant us the wisdom how to serve,
From our duties not to swerve,

Another business meeting
They do come thick and fast
Give us Lord the strength to cope
And actions that will last!

Dear Father
Grant us the patience, wisdom and good humour
to leave every meeting the better for our contributions.

May we remember always
Our best is done with you.