Month: March 2003

Significant Events 1997-2002

In memory of Diana, Princess of Wales 1997
For this our International Fellowship , we bow our heads in memory of Diana, knowing that, as we celebrate her life, our gratitude is best shown by doing both the grand and little things that help others.

Millennium Christmas 1999
With this our last meeting of the 20th Century, grant us O Lord the same faith you gave Abraham nearly 2000 years BC, that whereas he founded a nation, that we may go forward and make one nation of the world.

Worst floods in 50 years 2000
Dear Lord, we offer our prayers of support to all those who are suffering from the
effects of floods or other personal disasters.
May Thy love reach them, support them, and provide them with all they need.

Christmas 2000
Dear Lord, in this Christmas season, please give us the grace to remember those less
fortunate than ourselves. May all feel the touch of Thy love, finding therein peace and true friendship. Amen

Terrorist acts in America 11.9.2001 (Twin Towers)
Dear Father, in the aftermath of terror, may we still feel Thy Love, reaching and touching all hearts, supporting those in need, replacing hurt with healing, anger with wisdom, and revealing the true brotherhood of all nations and peoples.

Aberfan remembered 1966: 35th anniversary 2001
Let all those present that now can
Recall the horror: Aberfan.
The feeling of sheer disbelief, –
The local pain, the national grief.
But rising from emotions deep
Eternal hope began to creep, –
Hand to hand and heart to heart
True brotherhood did play its part.
We give thanks for courage strong
That ensures that life goes on.

Foot and Mouth Epidemic 2001
Dear Lord, we offer our prayers of support to all those who are affected by the present crisis in the countryside. May all unite in the bond of togetherness, knowing that true friendship is indeed Service Before Self

In memory of the Queen Mother 2002
Dear Father, we pray that the qualities of integrity, duty and compassion
which shone as a beacon in the life of the Queen Mother also shine in our
hearts that her life be remembered by our deeds