Month: August 2004

The Fall of Jericho

In front of us was Jericho
This was a place we had to go:
Yet there it stood the walls four square
-the finest fortress anywhere.
We looked up at the awesome sight:
What chance was there against this might?
But Joshua he loudly cried:
“ Fear not, for God is on our side!
What we must do is kneel and pray;
God will then make clear the way.”

The message came, both clear and stark,
We had to march behind our Ark!
And seven priests must go before,
A-blowing trumpets. Nothing more!
So round the walls we went next day.
Just the once.  We did obey.
The fortress stood as we marched round,
But our hearts blazed with this pure sound.
And as we circled hour on hour
We felt the touch of latent power.

Each step we took on earthen sod
Was made in prayer to mighty God.
Each step, left, right, we thanked the Lord,
We knew He’d given us His Word!
Encompassed by this holy thought
Our actions were divinely wrought.
Each step we took divinely trod,
From early morn we prayed to God.
Expectant in His holy name,
Each day, six days, we did the same.

The seventh day our hope was high,
Despite the fortress large ‘gainst sky.
Seven times we marched around,
The seven trumpets loud with sound;
And at the seventh, with no doubt,
Our people shouted a great shout.
The confidence was like a roar:
The walls fell flat! They were no more!
That Jericho once proud and tall
Defeated by the prayers of all.

We looked amazed at what we saw,-
The stones stretched flat upon the floor.
For we had won, yet not been harmed;
We’d had no cause to be alarmed!
The power of God once more revealed.
Our victory was always sealed.
And all those there that seventh day
Still feel His power when they pray:
There is no problem that won’t go.
We just remember Jericho.