Month: October 2004


`The desert is hot, the sheep make no sound
As heat shimmers up from stony ground.
I search the horizon for food to share
To look after the flock left in my care.
I think about God as I cross the land,
I feel the strength of His outstretched hand.
And deep in my heart this question does grow:
“If God calls upon me, am I willing to go?”

A bush in the distance catches my gaze,
It’s somehow caught fire within the heat haze.
The flames are fierce, the bush does not burn.
Is there something here that I have to learn?
So I turn aside to see this strange sight.
As I look once again it still burns bright:
And then comes this thought: that all God has planned
Lights up with His promise, eternal and grand.

From the midst of the bush, and not from the sky,
My name is called twice. I respond: “Here am I”.
The voice of my God echoes all around:
“The place you are standing is Holy ground”
I must shed my shoes from off both my feet
And stand in humility, God to greet.
I hide my face as I feel awe and fear,
For His speaking to me is close and clear.

He unveils the task that I must accept,
But it is too great and I feel inept.
“Just who am I that should do such a thing, –
To the children of Israel freedom bring?”
Then comes the promise of God at my side,
A token of good: that God will not hide.
I hear His reply “I AM THAT I AM.”
I feel the assurance: with God I can!

I am given my orders: I must obey.
But will they believe what I have to say?
I have in my hand my strong shepherd’s rod.
I cast it, as bidden, onto the sod.
Aghast I see it turn into a snake!
I flee from before it, – no dream, – I’m awake!!
God tells me to take it back by its tail:
I return and grasp it, and all is well.
The serpent that frightened me is no more.
It never was. Of that now I am sure.

But will they believe? There is one more test.
God tells me “Put your hand inside your breast!”
I pull it out and it’s leprous as snow,
But this dread disease has no place to go!
I return my hand once more to my side, –
And pluck it out cleansed. Fear has been defied.
God speaks yet again, what more do I need?
And still my doubts show, once more do I plead.

I am slow of speech and of a slow tongue
I’m sure to be laughed at by everyone!
His calm assurance once more wins the day,
For God will be with me to teach what to say.
But still I have doubts at the size of task
And once more of God a request do I ask!
Please do send another rather than me:
And God sent Aaron, as support to me….

And now the years have greatly flown,
As I look back at wisdom grown.
The burning bush that burned so bright
Began the proof of God’s all might.
And yet my doubts were very strong;
In this my fears were false and wrong.
God was my strength, He still is now.
In simple terms “He is the how!”
With Him its clear we all are free:
Lean on God for your liberty.