Month: December 2004

Christmas Poem 2004

Standing on the hillside, crook in hand,
My view scans pastures, sheep, my land.
The moon has risen, the stars abound ,
They give faint glow to all around.

It’s cold at night this time of year,
The breath of sheep and shepherds clear.
I stamp my feet, stamp on the ground,
Then startled, stop: a different sound.

We all look up, with tingling hair:
Soft singing music everywhere –
Reaching into all our being;
We can’t believe what we are seeing.

A single star shines out more bright
Illuminating all at night!
It seems to point near where we are, –
To Bethlehem, – it isn’t far.

The angel voices make it clear,
There is no reason for our fear:
They tell in awe to everyone
“Today is born a virgin’s son!”

And we find him in a stable, –
The Messiah, – it’s no fable.
Tears of joy wash through my eyes: –
I lift my thoughts beyond the skies.

I sense and feel the purest love,
Descending from the Lord above.
This is a holy atmosphere,
Aware of God just everywhere.

May all who pause and stop to pray
Feel such pure presence every day.
Keep in thought this baby boy,
– and fill all lives with Christmas joy!