Month: September 2006

Guest Contribution

I am Peter

I dared not ask Him who He was
When He said “Come and dine.”
I felt His eyes on me because
I knew what shame was mine.

The shame that I had not believed
And had denied Him thrice,
Despite the promise I received:
To be the rock of Christ.

And we had gone to fish that night,
Though nothing had we caught.
We hid our mission out of sight
And drove it from our thought.

But now He stood upon the shore
And told us what to do.
The light that we had seen before
Now shone for us anew.

And then He asked for love from me,
And I was grieved by this.
“But surely, Lord, my love you see,
For you know all that is”.

And yet He asked me twice again
And twice I said the same;
And realised then, and only then,
He’d washed away my shame.

He showed me I could still be true;
That I His trust could keep;
That I had paid Him what was due
And now could feed His sheep.

Khartoum, August 2006