Month: May 2009

Reach for the Rainbow


Oh reach for the rainbow in Flushing’s week of art,
And feel surprising textures mirrored on your heart.
Take a risk in reaching, for that’s the way to learn,
Touch new things that beckon and in your thinking burn.
Take each rainbow colour and see with insight true
That what you feel and touch is quite unique to you.

Red the blood that flows through space and breathes new being
Like rising sun that weds with earth, watched and seeing!

Orange tastes of flowing fruit dripped off ripened tree,
Our challenge is to catch it with photography.

Yellow daffodils wave forth ‘cross the sunlit sky
Now sense and smell their freshness in your own mind’s eye.

Green is the leaf that gives its sparkle as new Spring,
Textures varied! Each a source only you can bring.

Blue hints of heaven, while shimmering ocean’s surf,
Reflecting vast rich textures of this planet earth.

Indigo a dye obtained from various plants,
It’s there to feel, if you will only take the chance.

Violet with white, blue, yellow, purple flowers,
Dear rainbow colours embossed in passing showers.

Symbol of perfection, catch these colours seven,
Tangible the textures, deep the thought they leaven!
O friend stretch out your mind and touch what’s out of reach,
And let each one their rainbow one another teach.
From now until for ever, may each one play their part
By reaching for their rainbow in Flushing’s week of art..