Month: May 2010

Living Galleries


Look around and what you see
Is Life’s Living Gallery!
Take this week with open eyes,
Let each moment leave surprise:

Drink in new the wealth of art,
Every nugget touch the heart.
Accept the challenge to do more,
Will bunting make the highest score?

Will doodle art with twist and turn
Make fun with lines, and humour earn?
And workshops with calligraphy
Or using felt, set motive free?

Dare take part with withy giant
‘Gainst all limits be defiant!
On Bowling Green just write and draw
And hear the people beg for more!

Let the week be full of fun
It’s here for you and everyone!

Encapture in this Flushing week
The truth that art is what you seek.

The miracle of Life is true:
The Living Gallery is you!