Month: May 2011



The infinity of shoreline nudges at my thought
Its ebb and flow so constant, imagination caught!
Tracks of birds, free running dogs, all flow across the sand,
Washed away each rising surf, with fresh new canvas planned.
It leaves with me a message, its constancy will last,
That what is now is greater than that which has now passed.
The shoreline ever changes, each sees it diff’rent ways,
So take your fill of what you see, feel proud nature’s praise.

Let the ebb back-pedal, and reveal each nuance new,
Stimulate the watchful eye with perspicacious view.

Then flow again, with plenitude, ever-reaching surf,
Refurbish now and so re-clean the edges of our earth.

If with vision I behold, across infinity,
That these shorelines in my thought give birth to insight free,
Let me wash clean the slate of life, with forgiveness go,
And know for every ebb there is, there also comes the flow.
See Nature’s art unfolding, as Love creates anew,
The miracle of shoreline is that it’s me and you.