Month: December 2013

The Christmas Gift 2013

The child sat by the fireside flooring,
Waiting, waiting, for Santa Claus.
She knew deep down he’d be here a-coming:
For Santa just didn’t do doors!

She’d written a letter most carefully,
In which she’d expressed the fond hope
Dear Santa might, possibly, give to her
A shiny new black telescope!

She had been told that two thousand years back
A star shone with a brilliant light,
Now she wanted to look in the heavens
To see if she saw the same sight.

The child, long waiting, fell down in sweet sleep,
But woke with a jump and a start!
A torrent of soot had shot over her foot
And covered the floor in good part!

To her bedroom she sped up to get clean,
but a sootprint was there by her door!
And when she looked in, she gave out a grin!
A telescope stood on the floor!

Window open, the night sky was in view,
She looked through the scope and she saw
A brilliant white star was shining on her….
The Love that shone then shone yet more!