Month: December 2016

The Open Door: Go On In!

I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it” Rev.3:18

My life it seemed hemmed in, with walls on every side,
Whichever way I looked, however hard I tried,
Wasn’t any future, just how to be set free?
The walls were like a tomb, this not a place to be!

I prayed my heart to God, to show me what to do,
And heard His message clear, “My Love is great for you,
Behold right now, and know, no matter what’s been done,
I am your Father-Mother, and love you as My son.

By My very nature, my arms are always wide,
My door is always open, from Love one cannot hide”.
I listened and obeyed. One step to Him I trod,
My true home found at last. My life at one with God.

No matter where you are, just one stride lets you in.
Her Love is always there, and takes away all sin.
God can never shutter His constant love for man,
His door is always open. Walk right through now! You can!

God’s Angels

Hush dear child and listen hard,
Can you hear those angel wings?
The voice of God that comes to you
And of the Kingdom gently sings?

Hush dear child, and feel that touch
Reaching deep within your heart,
For angel voices heal and soothe
When they’re allowed to play their part.

Hush dear child, for angels come
To lead and take you higher,
Take hold their hand, just feel God’s love,
Aglow with heavenly fire.

Now rise in strength, my little child,
Be healed, refreshed, as good as new.
God’s angels here, right now at hand,
With gentle Love support you too.

The Gardener


The garden was her life. The unfolding seasons as reflected in the changing patterns of what grew and died and returned newborn seemed to her the unfolding of her inner being, parts no longer needed now discarded as outgrown, ever developing in all its glory and becoming ever more stunning in her mind’s eye. Each day she would tend some new area, revisit an old; there was never any pattern, but simply as her gaze rested and impulse took her, perhaps as guided by some unseen Hand.

With care and love she nurtured plant, earth, cleared stone wall, removed weeds, seeded, planted, all cleansing and nourishing her soul.

And as the garden grew more beautiful, so did she……..