Month: April 2018



Now God I’ve made a habit of obedience to You,
But this last thing You’ve asked of me is not what I will do.
For Nineveh as You have said is such a rotten place,
It’s hardly right I should go there and show my honest face!
Now just this once I’m going to think about someone called “me”,
So, You look out for Nineveh, while I’ll be off to sea!

So off I went to Joppa, paid my ticket, got on boat,
Set sail to go to Tarshish with a big lump in my throat!
I’d hoped He hadn’t seen me, but the chance was pretty slim,
There’s not a lot, if anything, gets past Almighty Him!
The boat set sail, so far so good; I’m going to get some kip.
While I’m asleep and out of sight, I’m safe inside this ship.

But then a mighty tempest broke fast against the vessel,
Worthy men sweat hard and long against this unfair wrestle.
They cried in fear unto their gods to rescue them from death,
And cast forth all their wares and goods with their remaining breath.
I am awoke by pleas and shouts, and then they cast them lots,
The situation’s urgent as we’re doing fifty knots!

I do confess, when they do ask, the whole thing’s down to me;
I didn’t listen to my God and now I’m all at sea!
“I tell you, just cast me now into the boiling water”,
But first, they tried to save us all: still seemed certain slaughter!
The sea got worse, it beat them back, the whole thing very odd.
They took me up and cast me forth. The sea went calm. Thank God!

I fell into the deep grey sea, their boat back under sail.
My life at risk, I’m sinking fast when swallowed by this whale!
Like some bad dream I’m still alive, quaking like a jelly:
God provided shelter in this fish’s bulging belly!
I pray and pray, for I have sinned, I truly do repent.
For three long days and nights I pray. Its time that is well spent.

I don’t know how but suddenly I end up on dry land.
The last few days have certainly not gone as I had planned!
The word of God comes once again, and this time I agree.
And I preach this simple message. Repent and you’ll be free!
I should have known that God is All and His word is the best.
In strict obedience is peace: in Love there is true rest!

[Oh delightful paradox! In compliance we do find
Only then is freedom found when we know One Mind.]

Enoch Walks With God

Enoch Walks WIth God

And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

God is incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love. S&H 465: 9 God

And Enoch walked with Mind:
and he (arrogance) was not; for Mind took him.

And Enoch walked with Spirit:
and he (flesh) was not; for Spirit took him.

And Enoch walked with Soul:
and he (personality) was not; for Soul took him.

And Enoch walked with Principle:
and he (opinion) was not; for Principle took him.

And Enoch walked with Life:
and he (corporeality) was not; for Life took him.

And Enoch walked with Truth:
and he (falsity) was not; for Truth took him.

And Enoch walked with Love:
and he (selfishness) was not; for Love took him.

And Enoch walked with incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love: and he (the Adam dream) was not; for incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love took him.

And we all walk in the infinite light of God.

The Leper Cleansed

The Leper Cleansed

I’d say I had been good all my life.
Attended the synagogue as regularly as anyone,
Loved my neighbour,
Done more than my fair share of kindly deeds.
And been blessed with a happy marriage and sons.

All changed in a day.
One of those days you remember everything distinctly, as it happened, to the second.
I’d just finished washing, was drying myself off, when I noticed the signs.
The immediate reaction of disbelief, then mesmeric stare:
And then the creeping fear that began to overwhelm me even before acceptance rooted itself in my thought.
I had got leprosy and there was no known cure.


I’ve been in the leper village for nearly a year.
Allowed to venture out, but rarely wanted to.
There were others far worse off than me, some recently joined.
I felt for them. Nothing to look forward to but worsening health and an early grave.
Release from pain.

Why has God condemned me so?
What sin did I commit that I now have to shout “Unclean”?
Each time I utter those words it’s like a stake driven into my heart.
Each time I ring my wretched bell, it only serves to mock me more:
“This man is a leper, untouchable, stay away. He’s no good.
How does one live if all hope is gone?

We hear the rumours about a new prophet who has been healing people of all kinds of diseases.
Jesus of Nazareth.
Some are calling him the Messiah that was promised.
Someone has come to the camp, saying he’s passing by not a few miles away.
My heart leaps. I think of my wife, my sons, my lost life and life to be.
I clutch my bell, wrap round my wounds, and seek where to go.

I’m the only one that asks, and pray to God to guide me.

Some two hours later, hot and uncomfortable, I see a gathering of people coming towards me.
“Unclean… Unclean…”
My bell rings out and seems to cut through the noise of the day.
The crowd in front of me holds back.
I am offending custom by drawing near to them.
One man keeps walking towards me.
I break the laws of leprosy as I head towards him, my words a plea for healing.
Dear God, he walks towards me still!

There is love in his eyes, no fear, no alarm, just quietness and assurance that gives me a hope I thought I’d never have.
“Jesus, Jesus,” (for it can only be him!) “I beg you, have mercy!”
I kneel down at his feet.
My diseased face looks up at him, imploring, knowing:
“If thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.”

He reaches out with his hand! and I feel his gentle touch. No one had dared touch me for more months than I could remember. But what touches me more is the compassion that flows out from his very being: like a stream of living water, unstoppable, pure, bathing me in purity and love. It is as though time has stopped still as the recognition of the Christ power now present eradicates all that was past, and forms me anew. I suddenly see that he has no fear because there is nothing in his experience to cause fear. He is at one with his Father and his tender touch is an open invitation to share that sense of unity with him and with God. His God and my God! I too realise there is nothing to fear. Everything to love.

His words mirror his actions and what I now feel.

“I will. Be thou clean.”

The leprosy is no more! Full fair flesh where ugliness had been. Transformed in the instant of that touch, transformed indeed for me to touch in turn that life eternal, a life at one with God, at one with Spirit, in which evil does not exist or hold sway. I had sought healing, and have been given dominion. No longer full of fear, but full of Love.


I had glimpsed the ever-presence of the Christ-consciousness. My cleanliness absolute, all sensation of materiality washed away with the purity and balm of true Spirit and what I now see and know as infinite Love.

All changed in a day.
One of those days you remember everything distinctly, as it happened, to the second. Immediately!

“I will. Be thou clean.”

Let this be your day! Your moment!


Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?
Romans 8:35(to?)

If the Scientist reaches his patient through divine Love, the healing work will be accomplished at one visit, and the disease will vanish into its native nothingness like dew before the morning sun‐shine.
S&H 365:15-19

Not Born Blind, But Born Again. I see!

Not born blind, but born again.

Life had not seemed fair.
Born blind. Stayed blind.
Led wherever I had or wanted to go.
No freedom, no light,
A life full of imaginings,
Empty of hope.

The nagging questions “Why? …Who to blame?
Who can be sinless? Why should we suffer for the sins of our parents?”
Endlessly debated and always those unanswerable accusations. What had they done?
What had I done wrong while in my mother’s womb?
What chance had I for repentance before thought or conscience sparked my will?
The fact is I was born blind.
And in those repeated low moments of jaundiced bitterness and self-pity I again condemned the sin of the world and those who laid blame upon my heritage and knew everything and nothing.

That’s how it was. And one day, one special glorious day, it all changed.

Sitting by the wayside, stick in hand, quietly listening to the sounds of passing feet and distant birds, I heard as if talking directly to me, the sound of a stranger’s voice, talking about me as if I was an old acquaintance. I focused hard on the conversation taking place. I felt like reaching out and asking who was there, but heard yet once more voices querying that deep question that had so occupied my thoughts all my life:

“Master, who did sin, this man or his parents that he was born blind?”

They were clearly talking about me, but who was this “Master” they addressed? It must have been him I first heard. My whole being focused on a picture I could not see but felt, and how felt! A sense of warmth and love brushed across me, as though my past had been erased and a new painting drawn. I yearned for his answer.

“Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.”

A lifetime of belief denied in one simple statement of what to this man was Truth. The love that radiated round me was more tangible than the stick in my hand. I stood up. The stick dropped from my hand, as I began, with hands outstretched, sensing, feeling, the security of Love, to move towards the direction of that voice as it spoke on.

“I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.”

I didn’t understand, – my thoughts were still repeating and repeating I had not sinned, I had not sinned. His love was still drawing me closer; I could nearly reach and touch from where he spoke. My heart was hammering. I felt he was talking directly to me.

“As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

Despite my blindness, for the first time I could sense true light, – much like I could feel the sun’s rays with their warmth, and knew it was there, but could not see it, so this new light was shining. It was the light of prophecy, for I somehow knew that this man, this Master, was indeed a prophet, and my life had already changed.
As he was speaking I heard those with him move to one side as I continued to move slowly and steadily forward. I stopped. My lips moved in silent acquiescence, expectant of more but not knowing what more was or could be. Every sense was alive, yet somehow at a different, higher level of being.
I heard him spit! Heard the spittle land on the ground, stretched every sense to imagine what he was doing. There was a deep silence. I didn’t know what was happening, but I had no fear. I felt a trust borne on his love. A hand touched the side of my face with great tenderness, and then a warm sensation as he anointed my left eye with clay, and then again over my right. He spoke once more with love.

“Go, wash in the pool of Siloam”

I knew I could get there, and knew that this man knew too. It wasn’t far, but I had dropped my stick. Yet been given this instruction. I had to obey, not quite knowing how. He had told me what to do, and it must be possible. Turning round, a hand touched my arm, a voice said “Come, I’ll take you”, and I was led. What had I to learn as I followed his command? For I was following his command! I hadn’t questioned it. The pool was sufficiently far for plenty of doubts, stopping, thinking, asking why, was the whole thing real? The clay stuck to my eyes but I had to work at my balance and obedience, – why couldn’t I just reach up with my hands and pull the clay away there and then? Much easier! But no, – the pool must be and was significant. Knowing I was being obedient gave me strength and courage. Didn’t Siloam signify the seat of David, the House of God? He was making me go back to my true heritage, each step requiring confirmation of that way I had to go, the way I had to be. Another negative thought sprang up at me. It was the Sabbath, – that would get me into trouble with the Pharisees, – but this prophet had spoken, given me an overriding authority because he spoke with true authority. Am I dreaming? The clay sat heavy on my eyes. Why dust and spittle? I am to wash it off. Neither hath this man sinned nor his parents. The Adam story of the dust of the ground! He had spat at that! I have to wash off the false belief of mortal heritage! I am the child of God! And it shall be made manifest! I felt born again.

My dear guide told me we were near, then by, the pool, ushered me to its edge. I pressed his hands in thanks, knelt, felt for the edge, the water, cupped my hands and washed off what was the dirt of ages. I watched disbelieving as the drips dropped back in to the water, looked trembling at the next handful of water as it came up to wash my face again. Turned around and saw my guide, saw the walls of Jerusalem, sky, colours, people, birds, looked back down at my reflection! I could see!

I grabbed my guide’s hand in joy, looked if not stared at his kindly face, touched his smile with my hand, revelling in the wonderful link of sense and sight. “I’ve got to find the prophet!” We went back to find him, but I didn’t know where to go! We looked, and I could run for the first time in my searching!

I was looking at everything around me, new associations replacing previous imaginings. My new friend took me back to the wayside where he first saw me. We met with some people that looked aghast and I recognised the voice of some of my neighbours. They could not believe what they saw! To them it was impossible, like a dream. I explained what had happened. It must have sounded mad, – but I was there and could now see them!

As it was the Sabbath, they took me to the Pharisees. They wanted to prove me an imposter. They eventually argued I had been healed by what must be a sinner! He had not come from the God that spake with Moses. Argument after argument. Why could they not accept the simple truth? I could see! And this man had healed me because he was of God. Had that ever been done before? They could not share my joy.

They cast me out of their synagogue for daring to argue with them. Despite their treatment of me, I felt a love for them, for they could not accept what had happened, and I knew how much my life had changed.

A white-robed man came up to me and spoke in a familiar voice, kindness once more radiating, but now visible as well as felt. I knew immediately it was the Master. He offered out both his hands in love and friendship:

“Dost thou believe on the Son of God”

Why this question? I believe in God, but who can His Son be? I asked this man who it might be, that I could believe on him, understand more what had happened.

Jesus answered: “Thou hast both seen him, and it is he that talketh with thee.”

His answer brought me to my knees in gratitude. He had restored not just my sight but given me the recognition of my true being and my sinless sonship.

“For judgement I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and they which see might be made blind.”

I had been blind and now I see. Oh, may all so blinded by dust and clay that we see not, be washed clean, that all may see the true light that is now come to the world!

Not born blind, but born again, that the works of God are manifest in me, in us, so that we all can see and understand! My life has changed, from blind pessimism to light, the glorious knowing and feeling God’s ever-present and unconditional Love. This man Christ Jesus told me how to pray to God, as “ABBA, Father”, to see God as my only heritage. And as I now pray to my Father, and to our Father, I feel so at one with Jesus, his disciples, indeed with all men, with everything!

God is the Father of all, and all is at one with the Father.

I see!