Bible stories give a depth of human yearning, and the encouragement that through tribulation can come progress and healing. The soliloquies that follow are the imagined thoughts of the individuals named, based as closely as possible on the Bible. It is sometimes possible to forget that the Bible deals with real people,and what confronted them is all too similar with what we often face and grapple. It is hoped that the reader can empathise with all that was going on at the time, and be challenged and uplifted.

A Parent’s Revelation

I’ve heard a lot about this person Jesus.
Peter’s bringing him home tonight, – he’s talked about no one else ever since he met him a few weeks ago.
I’ll never understand Peter. He’s so impetuous!
Apparently Jesus said “Follow me” – or something to that effect, – and Peter did exactly that!
Never told his wife and family – anyway he’s a fisherman and they’re used to his being away.
Nothing Peter does surprises me….but he’s got a heart of gold and I love him.

I’m seeing both Peter and Jesus tonight.
I wonder what he’s like, this Jesus.
Peter thinks he’s really special, – but he only comes from Nazareth.
He’s a carpenter by trade, – so what can he teach a fisherman??
There have been crowds following his new friend, –
He’s been healing people of all kinds of diseases, – Peter can scarcely believe what he’s seen.
Keeps talking about him, about praying to “Our Father!”, “Doing unto others what you’d have them do to you”
I hope he’s not being tricked by all this talk and seeming miracles. I’m not going to be.

My daughter has planned a special meal for Peter and his friends, – we won’t let Peter down.
She’ll need my help. But I don’t feel well…….need to lie down…
Can hardly move…
Must get to bed….
Don’t want to be a nuisance…

“Hello Peter….I’m so sorry
…… to be like this….
Hello Jesus…”

I look at his friend. He looks at me.
In one brief instant I forget myself, my doubts, my concerns for Peter.
How can I describe the Love that radiates from this man?
His complete knowledge of infinite power,
Total tenderness,
Expressed in his very being,
The effortless outreach of his hand to mine,
Lifting me up. Nothing to heal!

Why then was I down?
No memory of what was ever wrong, no more self-pity, but full focused on gratitude and love for God, for everyone. In full joy I go to help and serve. Everyone so happy! Why did I ever doubt? Love is everywhere.

That evening many other people from the city came to our door, and all in need were healed, instantaneously. Next day Jesus, Peter and the other disciples went off over the Sea of Galilee. When I next saw Peter, he told me about the miraculous calming of the storm, the healing of the madman, other miracles Jesus had worked. But I now know they are not miracles, – they are the power of God, the Almighty power of God, made manifest.
Infinite Love doesn’t need time to prove itself, it is present and active now!

I’m with Jesus again, he is teaching to the crowds, to each one of us, how to pray: …
“Our Father which art in heaven,
Hallowed be Thy name…” **
I feel the ever-present warmth and vibrancy of God’s love.
I behold for the first time my true family.

And suddenly realise that I love my son more than I ever did before……
I see him as Jesus sees him, I see myself as Jesus saw me and sees me even now.
I now know what “Father” means….

(see *Mark 1:30-34; 3:31-35, and **Matthew 6:9)

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