Other Poems

These are poems written as a result of observing nature or some event that stirred the imagination, and includes guest contributions from Mike Eldridge, who has also updated the website.

God’s Angels

Hush dear child and listen hard,
Can you hear those angel wings?
The voice of God that comes to you
And of the Kingdom gently sings?

Hush dear child, and feel that touch
Reaching deep within your heart,
For angel voices heal and soothe
When they’re allowed to play their part.

Hush dear child, for angels come
To lead and take you higher,
Take hold their hand, just feel God’s love,
Aglow with heavenly fire.

Now rise in strength, my little child,
Be healed, refreshed, as good as new.
God’s angels here, right now at hand,
With gentle Love support you too.

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