Other Poems

These are poems written as a result of observing nature or some event that stirred the imagination, and includes guest contributions from Mike Eldridge, who has also updated the website.

Just Smile!


I gave a lovely present,
Once given it was gone!
I couldn’t give another one,
It was the only one!

A stranger drew a random smile:
Flew from my face – no distance spared!
It lit his face with warmth and joy
To know that someone truly cared.

And his returning smile just spread
And lit up all the space between, –
A smile once given’s never dead,
But catches all within its sheen.

Oh let’s give thanks some things are free:
Once given true contagion breaks!
Dear friend, with never-ending smiles
Just see the constant joy that makes!

Make someone’s day, -just give a smile,
For the more you give will you have
A smile does not exist alone.
For it is born and shared with Love