These are poems that dwell more directly with metaphysical themes, not necessarily Bible based, but all searching and reaching for an understanding of the beauty of Life, Love, Spirit and Truth, scriptural names for God.



Oh be ye blest who Jesus blest;
His loving sermon still stands sure.
And blest are ye who seek the Christ,
Who open their hearts to be pure.

So “Let” and find eternal grace, –
An inner peace that cannot hide:
Dissolving wrong and sense of self,
All personality and pride.

Oh how I pray to heed this word,
Be led unto Gennesaret.
In humble trust “…but as thou wilt.”
Let go! No need to do! Just let…..

Matthew 26:39 but
Gethsemane: ..the human yielding to the divine; S&H 586:23
Gennesaret: “Garden of riches” . Site of the Sermon on the mount.

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