The Bible

Ringing through this collections of poems is a great love for the Holy Bible, and a simple theme, that if the Bible is to have any meaning it has to be relevant to our present lives. There are many poems that take the reader to the heart of a Bible story, challenging one to consider the reality of what actually happened, – did Moses see a burning bush that was not consumed, were five thousand really fed from just five loaves and two fishes, was a violent tempest stilled? Were sin, disease and death really overcome? And interwoven with these Biblical accounts in verse or prose are other poems that show a searching out of thought and realisation that can be summarised in the simple knowledge that God is Love.

The earnest expectation is that for any reader any one of these poems may find for them an angel thought that brings comfort and healing, and whispers of God’s love. The lightest touch is all it takes for the gentle kiss of inspiration to overcome the direst circumstance and leave healing, peace and reconciliation.


This category is for poems which describe events as seen at the time by two or more people. Like soliloquies, the thoughts of those involved are examined in literary style, in an attempt to understand what was going on, and appreciate the challenges faced and victories won.

Peace and Refuge

Peace and refuge



In calm trust let Love’s light welcome in, revealing no darkness.

The stirrings of false sense are stilled.
All sinful thoughts are silenced, and are no more.

For fear and sin dissolve, faced with Omnipotence,
Pain washes away, in the salve of Pure Harmony.
Belief is destroyed by God’s All-Truth.

Enfolded in the softness and strength of your Father-Mother,
Find yourself re-borne in His tender arms,
Conscious only of Her perfect Love, the infinity of “I AM THAT I AM”.

See God’s Love as the whole of your thought:
God’s Love as the very depth and activity of your being.

And that Love will reflect in your love for God, for yourself, for your neighbour.

And do you then find peace and rest?

Oh Yes! The infinite peace and refuge of God are all ours.

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