This category is for poems which describe events as seen at the time by two or more people. Like soliloquies, the thoughts of those involved are examined in literary style, in an attempt to understand what was going on, and appreciate the challenges faced and victories won.

The Peace of God



Still the stirrings of false sense.
Silence all sinful thoughts.

In calm trust let Love welcome in.

Feel yourself borne in Love’s tender arms
that enfold you in the softness and strength of spiritual infinity.

Be conscious only of God, the I AM of perfect Love.

Let the beauty of spiritual harmony remove all pain,
Let fear dissolve in the face of Omnipotence.

Let Love be the whole of thought.

Love from the very depth of your being.

Love God, love yourself, love your neighbour.


And do you then have peace?

Yes, you have the peace of God.

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