These are poems that dwell more directly with metaphysical themes, not necessarily Bible based, but all searching and reaching for an understanding of the beauty of Life, Love, Spirit and Truth, scriptural names for God.

The Serpent Vanishes

The snake that never was!

The serpent coiled
around the tree
And said
“I sure can make you free!”
It winked
and grinned
and looked
quite sly
and said
“Go on, do have a try!
Please believe me,
make me real,
Without your thought,
I can’t appeal,
For anything
you want
to do
is simply
up to

The man of God stood strong and tall-
He knew for sure that God is ALL.
In his expression of one Mind
No serpent thought could be entwined.
Indeed no error could find place
For God and man stood face to face.
And like a dream when I’m awake
There clearly never was a snake!

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