Other Poems

These are poems written as a result of observing nature or some event that stirred the imagination, and includes guest contributions from Mike Eldridge, who has also updated the website.

Two swallows


Two swallows played close-chase ‘gainst perfect blue sky:
Darted, swift, oh so graceful,
Together down, at speed, green field, tree, sky, hedge and sky again,
Supported and at one with air-cushion unseen,
No thought to how their flight, but happy in that instinct.
Did they thrill to wind in their wings,
The unfolding landscapes, each-other so close in flight, speed, innate harmony?

Both disappeared beyond hedged horizon,
But remained held in my thought.

And I realised God’s idea of me stayed in His/Her thought.
That I, too, was held, supported in Mind, divine consciousness,
In the safe solidity and surround of infinite good;
That we are the purpose and fulfilment of God’s creation,
Playing joyfully, free,
Buoyed by Spirit–cushion unseen,
Forever held in the everlasting arms of Love.


“The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms:”  Deuteronomy 33:27 (to:)

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